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Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals' brand prides itself on quality in every aspect of production, from the best raw materials to socially responsible labor practices. Its rugs and accessories are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes, making them suitable for any room. 

Established in 1990, Lorena Canals designs and produces rugs and textile accessories that are both stylish and practical. 

With two own factories in India, offices in Barcelona and New York and warehouses in Europe, Asia and United States, the designer works side by side with more than 170 artisans who take care of every detail in the most handmade elaboration process.

With the same energy and intensity she puts into creating her collections, the designer Lorena Canals works personally to give children a better future through access to education.

“It is now many years since I first traveled to India to create new collections and the impact of seeing children whose future is dictated by their families’ economic circumstances has marked me deeply.

Speaking to my daughters, I told them that I had to do something personally, something that would reach those who needed reaching, namely the children, to help them secure a future, and this involves giving them access to education. And it was my daughters who in 2008 suggested that I launch the Sakûla project, which thanks to all our customers and partners is now a reality.”

Lorena Canals
(Mother and designer)


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