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NewHeights Bonita ET Electric Sit to Stand Desks

NewHeights Bonita ET Electric Sit to Stand Desks

1. Built to Last Built in the USA. RightAngle™ Products utilize the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices.

2. Lifting Capacity: 250 pounds utilizing German gears and controls with a superior glide system.

3. Warranty. Ten years - support brackets, columns and feet; five years - gears and/or motors, electrical components, gas cylinders and worksurface.

4. Unmatched Stability. The lower cross support adds exceptional stability without compromising leg clearance. NO WOBBLE.

5. NewHeights™ Mobile App. Control and manage your desk via Bluetooth™ technology, including hands-free voice command options.

6. Height Adjustment: 1.5 inches per second. Change height positions quickly and experience minimal speed loss at maximum load capacity.

7. GyroSense Safety Features. Detects collisions and prevents damage from obstructions.

8. Overload Protection. Safeguards the internal component when a desk exceeds load capacity.

9. Finish Options. Customize your desk with eleven thermally fused laminate worksurface colors, seven edgeband colors, and a silver or black base.

10. Affordably Priced. The Bonita ET is engineered for VALUE, so you can have it all: stability, quality components, innovative tech, and a budgetfriendly price point.

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