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Furniture of America

A welcome new addition to our catalog. Furniture of America's Quality Products and Commitment to Sustainablity and Ecological Responsiblity

Why furniture? The answer is simple. Everyone uses it and it lasts a long time. We want everyone to pick FOA, and enjoy their Furniture of America products for years to come. With our wide selection we have products that are perfect for any size home. We hope that whenever someone opens FOA furniture they’re filled with excitement knowing their home is about to get a little bit better. Maybe it’s the dining set they wanted for months. Or the bunk bed for their kid’s room. Or even a coffee table that ties the whole living room together. Each item brings something to their homes and lives. 

We believe sustainability and ecological responsibility are necessary tenets of business. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond a minimal effort. It holds a special place in our company, and is something we consider in every decision we make. We make every effort we can to reduce our carbon footprint, to give back more than we take, and find joy in forward thinking solutions. We are committed to making FOA products using sustainably farmed lumbar. Every tree used has two trees planted to replace it. It’s a simple policy that keeps our products honest. Our wood is reliably certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a recognized standard setter for forest products.

Sometimes our search for green solutions takes us to the cutting-edge of technology. We enthusiastically use environmentally progressive materials, like poly-threads made of recycled water bottles, in some of products. When you pick an FOA product, you can be happy about what it is made with and how it was made.