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Mamba Vintage Moroccan Rug 2'x11' (Wool)

Brand: Amber Pandion
Item Number: 1039

Why You'll Love It 

26” x 139” (Runner)

White, Brown, Pink


 Perfect, Clean, No damage, No stains



The History

Approximately 20-30 years old, this Berber carpet would have originally been made by a Boushroiut  Berber woman for personal use in her own home. 

The unique aspect about the rugs and carpets made by the women in this tribe is the creativity and connection with their personal experience. These are the canvases on which they painted their life stories.

The Artisan

This vintage rug was made by a woman of the Boushroiut tribe in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

This Moroccan carpet is created with wool and small portions of cotton thread, and permitted herself personal freedom in expressing her own creativity and values through North African symbology and colors as she wove these designs.

The Look

This Moroccan rug one of a kind, and can be used as a rug or wall hanging. Structured around the diamond shape 

The Feel

With a medium pile, this vintage carpet is extremely soft to the touch, enhancing the welcoming feel it brings to any room.